Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The JASCO Group establishes two new Australian companies, OneNimbus and OneNimbus Research

The JASCO Group, Australian technology developer and cloud computing specialist, today announced the launch of two new companies, OneNimbus Pty Ltd and OneNimbus Research Pty Ltd. The new companies will focus on developing smart cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes by engaging with global partners to make migration services  communication, and data protection easier. With a highly experienced senior executive team at the helm, OneNimbus will deliver practical cloud solutions to business and will focus its R&D efforts to develop innovative cloud-based business solutions.

The OneNimbus product portfolio currently offers three solutions including the messageLinx, 2SQL, and EVault solutions.
  • OneNimbus messageLinx: Is a one-to-many broadcast platform. With message delivery options including voice, video, SMS, IM, Windows Live, MSN, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, messageLinx is a single solution for all communications needs
  • OneNimbus 2SQL: Automatically and simply migrates up to 90 percent of Microsoft Access database content (uniquely including apps and code) to Microsoft SQL Server (On-Premise or in the Cloud via Azure)
  • OneNimbus EVault: EVault solutions ensure the protection of corporate data on all platforms including mobile devices – even if they are lost or stolen. 
OneNimbus has a group of strong, experienced senior technology executives as its leadership team who are tasked with driving the business aggressively in the local and overseas markets. Headed up by Chairman and CEO, Jason McClintock, OneNimbus welcomes Harold Melnick, VP of Marketing and Alliances; Sean Walsh, VP Sales and Partners; and Andrew Dale, VP Global Sales; Courtenay Snell, Chief Technology Officer and Michael Verso, Head of R&D at OneNimbus Research.
“With the business strategy focused on significant growth both locally and internationally, OneNimbus has hired a team of experienced executives to lead the business to its full potential. We are thrilled to have such a strong team on board, each member bringing individual skills and extensive experience from the IT industry”, said Jason McClintock, Chairman and CEO of OneNimbus.

OneNimbus’s marketing and strategic alliances will be driven both locally and internationally by Harold Melnick, as the VP of Marketing & Alliances. Bringing over 25 years of senior, international technology marketing experience, Melnick’s role includes proactively driving marketing strategies across the international marketplace and generating strategic alliance partnerships. Melnick has previously managed global marketing for Microsoft divisions including Microsoft Press, Microsoft Consulting and Microsoft’s Enterprise division. Along with additional experience at NEC, Telstra and Vodafone, Melnick provides the enthusiasm and drive to market OneNimbus products at a global scale.

The new VP Sales & Partners, Sean Walsh joins OneNimbus from AppSense where he created a stellar sales record during his seven years as the VP Sales for ANZ. Prior to this, Walsh worked in a variety of senior sales roles with Enterprise software vendors such as Citrix. In his new role with OneNimbus, Walsh will be responsible for the development of the OneNimbus partner recruitment services program as well as driving sales for OneNimbus’s products and solutions in the Australian market.

OneNimbus has appointed Andrew Dale as VP Global Sales where he will be responsible for developing the OneNimbus sales opportunities beyond Australian borders, building on its already ignited international sales success with successful deployments in Asia. Dale joins OneNimbus with previous roles with NEC and Circa Telecommunications where he had been responsible for major growth strategy and execution.

Courtenay Snell is Chief Technology Officer at OneNimbus. Snell’s technology insights are well known and he has been an expert in the fields of messaging and unified communications over the past 10 years. In this new role Snell will identify customer needs and industry trends in order to focus R&D efforts to develop innovative cloud-based business solutions.
Michael Verso is Head of Research and Development at OneNimbus Research. Verso’s expertise has been instrumental in developing the messageLinx platform and showing leadership in delivering innovative technology. Verso’s understanding of customer needs has produced products that have been released under the OneNimbus cloud solution suite.

McClintock said, “The depth and breadth of experience in the OneNimbus leadership team is second to none for a technology start-up organisation. I am very excited by the opportunities ahead of us, thanks to this amazing team, combined with the outstanding technology solutions we are offering customers, which can add true business intelligence and bottom line benefits to their businesses.”

For more information on OneNimbus and its cloud solutions, go to www.OneNimbus.com

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