Wednesday, 11 January 2012

StorageCraft Asia Pacific now offers 24x7 support

StorageCraft Asia Pacific, the acknowledged world leader in real-time recovery technology, announced today round-the-clock technical support with a new 24x7 premium support option for users of its ShadowProtect solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Outside normal working hours, customers who choose StorageCraft’s premium support option will be able to speak with US-based experts, typically within an hour of making an emergency phone call.

StorageCraft Vice President - Asia Pacific, Richard Giddey, said: “On day one, we made the strategic decision to differentiate ourselves by investing in and delivering high-quality local technical support and training operations to our customers and partners. We also made the conscious choice to base our Asia Pacific support operations in Sydney, which has served us and our customers exceptionally well. Now that we have over 30,000 customers in Australia and New Zealand, we‘re stepping up by expanding our support offerings to include 24x7 premium support.

“To ensure the quality of our worldwide support operations, StorageCraft USA will fill the gap of our regular support services, so we can to deliver 24x7 support for emergency situations. This means that skilled StorageCraft support people will be available to assist our customers round the clock. All of our technical support experts are closely tied to StorageCraft product developers, ensuring they have access to all the resources they need to help users with a complete range of technical issues. These factors allow us to provide fast, efficient support every time and any time.”

StorageCraft’s standard support includes free access to updates and upgrades, plus business-hours coverage between 8.30am and 5.30pm and emergency call responses from Australia within four hours during that period.

Premium support is available for most StorageCraft products and is only an extra 15 per cent per annum.

About StorageCraft StorageCraft Technology Corporation is a premier software company focused on assisting their customers in recovering data and systems fast and reliably. StorageCraft develops innovative disk-based backup, disaster recovery, system migration services, backup monitoring and testing solutions. StorageCraft software reduces downtime, improves security and stability for systems and data and lowers the total cost of ownership for systems in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

For more information Richard Giddey, StorageCraft Vice President – Asia Pacific Phone: +61 2 8061 4444 or mobile +61 423 919 191 Email:

For media enquiries David Frost, PR Deadlines Phone: +61 2 4341 5021 or mobile +61 408 408 210 Email:

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