Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Nurses and allied health workers wanted for survey

Nurses, midwives and allied health workers across Australia are wanted to take part in a study exploring the international migration of health and social care workers.

Nurses and allied health professionals who have migrated here along with non-migrant workers are wanted to take part in the Public Services International study.

The New South Wales Nurses’Association and Queensland Nurses Union are taking part in the research project, surveying nurses and midwives to collate evidence about migration experiences and to find out why people migrate and how the experience of migration can be improved.

With a global shortage of more than four million health care workers and an exodus of workers leaving the sector, with many migrating in search of better pay and conditions in other countries, PSI wants to map migration services and forge a global report on the issue, which will be presented at its international conference in South Africa later this year.

NSW Nurses’ Association acting assistant general secretary Lisa Kremmer said the survey hoped to provide a snapshot of health worker migration to Australia.

“There’s been a recent report released of research in South Africa and Australia is one of their more population destinations,” she said.

“Australia is one of the first countries of destination to be participating (in the study) so it’s very exciting.”

Ms Kremmer said the two separate surveys, one for migration and the other for non-migration, would discover migrating nurses and midwives’ country of origin, their job position, reasons for migration, when they migrated, their experiences and whether their experience or skills had been recognised here and what can be done to improve the process.

The non-migration survey explores what value overseas nurses play in Australia, any issues, and what can be done to improve the transition, she said.

“It explores a whole range of things around an overseas nurse working in the Australian context,” she said.

“I think there’s lots of areas that we can learn from with this project to try and improve on in the future.”

Ms Kremmer said while the union was targeting nurses and midwives, the survey was open for all health care workers to complete.

For more information contact Lisa Kremmer on (02) 8595 1234 or

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