Monday, 25 June 2012

New points-based system for expats going to Australia

A new system for selecting would-be Australian migrants will not be as restrictive as originally feared, it seems.

The Australian government has relaxed its points system for skilled migrants, in the face of a labour shortage and a booming economy.
A new points-based system will be introduced by Australia’s Department of Migration and Citizenship on July 1 and is expected to put more emphasis on sponsorship. There will be a new SkillSelect scheme for skilled migrants who have not been sponsored.
Last week, it cut from 65 to 60 the number of points required as a pass mark for migrants under this scheme. According to Paul Arthur, director of UK migration specialists the Emigration Group, this move will allow more would-be migrants to apply under SkillSelect and is a sign Australia is embarking on one of its biggest recruitment drives for skilled migrants for 30 years.
”Under the SkillSelect scheme, would-be migrants without an employer sponsor first have to provide an Expression of Interest in order to be points graded," he said. "Those who score the most points are then allowed to apply for a visa.”
The new system enables the Australian government to match would-be migrants more easily with the number of jobs available.

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