Sunday, 15 July 2012

Training tackles laws on illegal recruitment, trafficking in person

The Philippine Overseas Employment and Migration (POEA) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) presented on July 12, 2012 laws that would determine that illegal recruitment and trafficking in person are present during the hiring and recruitment of applicants abroad. 

Lawyer Antonio Millanes III of POEA presented five problems of illegal recruitment. He said illegal recruitment exist alongside legal migration, maybe committed by bothe licensed and unlicensed agencies, illegal recruiters may take advantage of announced job opportunities as an opportunity to dupe unsuspecting applicants, victims indifference and imbalance manpower supply.

The training was held at the provincial training center at the D.O. Plaza Government Center in Agusan del Sur.

“But these problems can be controlled by two prolonged nationwide anti-illegal recruitment campaign if we join our hands in delivering information and this is in the preventive side plus systematic law enforcement and prosecution on the remedial side,” Atty. Millanes III said.

Lawyer Jone Fung of the OIM said illegal recruitment shall mean any act of canvassing, enlisting, transporting, contracting, hring, utilizing, procuring of workers, referrals, contact services, promising and advertising for employment abroad, and Atty. Fung has elaborated all those acts in actual experience they have while enforcing the laws on against illegal recruitment.

“Before we trust anybody when we apply for work abroad, we have to see to it that the representative or agent can show us that the person or entity that he is representing has a valid license or holder of authority. We must also make sure that the agent or the representative transacting with us has been duly appointed by the license or holder of the authority and that the agent’s appointment was previously authorized by the POEA,” Fung said.

Glad of the training being conducted, Gov. Adolph Edward Plaza asked the POEA, , the DOLE and other government agencies to encourage legal and stable recruitment agencies to conduct recruitment in Agusan del Sur because according to him, the provincial government has set aside funds to help the applicants in processing the necessary requirements in order that they can work abroad. Gov. Plaza added that the provincial government is doing this because they want the families of Agusanons to have a better life, and the money that they will send to their families will only revolve in the province, while foreseeing that business and stability will follow.

The whole day activity ended up with training of the PNP and the prosecutors on criminal investigation and entrapment procedures and the discussion on the law on anti-trafficking in person. 

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